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The development trend of the profit of LED display project?


With the continuous innovation and maturity of LED display technology, the present time has entered the digital display era, which shows that the industry prospect is very broad and the market opportunities are limitless. At the same time, domestic LED di

    With the continuous innovation and maturity of LED display technology, the present time has entered the digital display era, which shows that the industry prospect is very broad and the market opportunities are limitless. At the same time, domestic LED display industry competition is increasingly intensifying, many enterprises have started to look for new development direction, in the future market competition to occupy a place. Under the background of this industry, the engineering business is also in an awkward position. Especially recently the impact of the wholesale channel, the engineering business people's survival value space is further squeezed. Profit margins have also grown smaller and smaller, and the collection has become more difficult. This is also the serious problem that every engineering businessman faces.


    Manufacturing firms are struggling

    according to a report released recently, according to research firm the average salary for China's manufacturing industry has been more than the Latin American country, except Chile and has reached the level to about 70% of some euro-zone members, this is China's economic development positive feedback, as well as visual performance of manufacturing for the big increase in Labour costs. With the industry competition intensified in 2017, corporate profits have been further reduced under the obvious influence of "price reduction" and industry shuffle. Both labor, raw materials and operating costs have risen sharply. Therefore, the cost problem has become the problem of many small and medium-sized enterprises LED screen.

    Today, LED displays are sold in a variety of ways. Among them, there are retail, channel business, LED screen engineers and other forms. It can be seen that the engineer is also one of the large groups that cannot be ignored. LED display is an important media carrier for advertising communication, commercial display and entertainment interaction, and its publicity function is gradually improved and improved. At present, in the current competitive market environment, although LED display's visual effect is getting better and better, it is frequently reported that the quality is getting worse and worse. Some manufacturers and engineering contractor to obtain more profits, the electronic raw materials and accessories is continually improved and replace, caused greatly shorten the service life and failure rate has been increased, result in the user chooses to LED display use less comfortable, lack of confidence in the product, therefore, manufacturers and engineering business more difficult to do business.

    Competition in the industry is making profits less expensive

    There must be cause and effect, and the situation is not necessarily "groundless." As far as the current development is concerned, the cost price of LED display manufacturing industry has become more and more transparent. At the same time, party a has the right to compare the quality of products, quality of service and price of the market, which is to some extent the threat of price to the engineers. In the process of production, engineers are also under pressure to survive and have to reduce their profits. If the engineer wants to stabilize the project at this time, only to further reduce the cost, basically give up the profit or even compensate.

   In fact, engineers and manufacturers are interdependent in market activities. However, more and more manufacturers are directly involved in the project, especially in the entry of large companies. With strong connections and market operation, it is increasingly difficult for engineers. In some large projects, the owner will conduct a lot of market research on the equipment and performance. In this way, the manufacturers have limited choice of brands and fewer voices. In order to get the project, the manufacturer usually makes a unified bid for the project contractor. It is not hard to see that engineers and manufacturers are actually a loose community of interests.

    Engineers and manufacturers have a delicate and peaceful co-existence

    In addition, with the rapid development of the digital age, engineering business is facing a strange phenomenon, namely, the choice of software platform and equipment suppliers more or less constrained its development. In other words, platform vendors tend to make some software restrictions or extend new features on their product lines to prioritize their own devices. In this way, if the owner comes up with a new functional requirement, the engineers will usually only be able to screen the new features and new devices developed by the original platform supplier. Finally, there are usually only one or two vendors in the system. Can sustain this relationship in a short period of time, but in the long run, if the manufacturer's technical ability to update time service does not reach the designated position, the owner, project traders and manufacturers will conflict because of the inconsistent interest points.

    Therefore, project traders and manufacturers are constantly looking for new way of cooperation, in order to get more benefit and autonomy, slightly power project traders are usually ready or already in production, research and development products. In addition, project traders also need an orderly cooperation with the manufacturers, especially on the quality of the product, because the engineering construction, to every qualified products to party a, link on the quality of the product itself must be strong, so as not to appear in the middle or after-sales wiring, link and debug all sorts of problems, such as project acceptance criteria is more demanding now, a slight negligence or unqualified, party a will be fault. On the one hand, it will affect the progress of project acceptance, and on the other hand, it will affect the return of project funds. The direct economic losses to the engineers are relatively large.

    To sum up, engineering business as one of the important ring in the whole industry chain, not just confined to the LED display this single technology and products, but also the vision, creative thinking, looking looking for display solution supplier. Actively absorb various advantageous and competitive display technologies, such as LCD, DLP, projection, OLED, etc., to meet the various display requirements of customers. For the local engineering business, any product, out of the product itself, the product after-sales service has an increasing proportion of the impact. An industry with better service is bound to bring a steady flow of vitality to the enterprise, and also beneficial to customer's problems. Therefore, the enhancement of after-sales service level is also one of the factors which the engineers cannot ignore.